At Rockland Caterers, we strive for innovative improvements that are continuous and cost- effective. We are committed to improving and enhancing our excellence in every aspect of our work. Through our continuing dedication to excellence in service we are committed to achieve guest satisfaction, ensuring at the same time growth, development and welfare of our staff without compromising on our benchmarks.



Rockland Caterers is one of the most experienced and qualified event Management Company in the Kerala. We have both complementary and overlapping skillsets, allowing us to add value in a wide variety of areas at events. We incorporate originality and creativity to enhance the event experience, and create inspiring, exhilarating celebrations. Our food reflects our commitment to exceptional quality. All meals are prepared under the guidance of one of the most renowned chefs. Our specialist events vendors will work together to plan and manage truly memorable events.



Our Vision is to attain and maintain a premium position in the catering industry by surpassing the expectations of our guests and by delivering superior value to our associates. The commitment to our clients and the understanding of their needs is the provision of the highest quality service. We constantly explore the ways and means of serving our customers with quality products and variety items.


Table Setting

Table setting (laying a table) or place setting refers to the way to set a table with tableware—such as eating utensils and for serving and eating. The arrangement for a single diner is called a place setting. The practice of dictating the precise arrangement of tableware has varied across cultures and historical periods.

Stage Decoration

Our Stage Decoration services are meant for various occasions. We have all the requisite equipment, lighting, beautiful furnitures and other things which is required in decorating the stage in an organized manner.We also provide the facility of Stage Decoration fro weddings, engagement as well as reception parties. All our flowers being fresh they create an aromatic and fresh surrounding.

Light & Sound

Lighting and sound are a very important factor to create the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony and reception.A beautiful reception setting can be magic only if brilliantly lit with spectacular effects and lighting can change the ceremony and reception settings from modern to magic , from minimal to romantic and vice versa!


‘Thattukada’ is a miniature restaurant.We are a leading service provider for the Theme Counter which includes service like Nadan Thattukada.

Welcome Items
Side Dishes
Cutlets & Pickels
Welcome Drinks

Welcome Drinks

• Mocktail
• Orange
• Grape
• Pineapple
• Apple
• Mussambi
• Carrot
• Beetroot
• Fruit Punch
• Special Grape
• Mango pulp
• Fresh Lime
• Fruit Punch
• Rose milk
• Badam Milk
• Pista Milk
• Chocolate Milk
• Mint lime
• Water Melon
• Tender coconut
• Ginger lime
• Fruit Crush
• Alphonso Mango
• Strawberry
First Course

First Course

• Appam
• Pathiri
• Bread
• Wheat Bread
• Rumal Rotti
• Battura
• Chappathi
• Vatteppam
• Idiyappam
• Vellappam
• Palappam
• Bread Roll
• Coin porotta
• Thandoor rotti
• Chiratta Puttu
• Coin Porotta
• Fulka


• Fruit salad, Gulab Jam, Jilawii
• Halwa
• Cut Fruits
• Puddings
• Black forest
• White forest
• Sugar candy
• Chocolate fountain
• Popcorn Maize
• Ice Gola
• Corn top
• Pineapple Pastry
• Chocolate Pastry
• Caramel Custard
Ice Cream

Ice Cream

• Strawberry
• Butterscotch
• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Orange
• Pista
• Pineapple
• Mango
• Spanish Delight
• Figo honey
• Black Current Ice-cream
• Cassata
• Roll Ice Cream


• Veg Biriyani
• Chicken Biriyani
• Beef Biriyani
• Pork Biriyani
• Mutton Biriyani
• Fish Biriyani
Fried Rice

Fried Rice

• Veg Fried Rice
• Chicken Fried Rice
• Beef Fried Rice
• Pork Fried Rice
• Mutton Fried Rice
• Fish Fried Rice
• Mix Sea Food Fried Rice
Dum Biriyani

Dum Biriyani

• Veg Dum Biriyani
• Chicken Dum Biriyani
• Beef Dum Biriyani
• Mutton Dum Biriyani
• Fish Dum Biriyani


• Veg Pulao
• Chicken Pulao
• Beef Pulao
• Pork Pulao
• Mutton Pulao
• Fish Pulao


• Chilly Gopi
• Gopi Manjurian
• Mushroom Manjoorian
• Chilly Mushroom
• Chana Masala
• Paneer Butter Masala
• Kadala Curry
• Peas Masala
• Veg Kuruma
• Sambar
• Moru Curry
• Kalan
• Thoran
• Koottu Curry
• Inchi Curry
• Erussery
• Mezhukkupuratti
• Pachadi
• Kichadi
• Oolan
• Rasam
• Avial
• Theeyal


• Veg Roll
• Meat Roll
• Baby Samoosa
• Fish Finger
• Fish Fillet
• Spring Rolls
• Cheese Roll
• Chicken Balls
• Breaded Shrimps
• Breaded Squid
• Samoosa
• Uzhunnuvada


• Chicken 65
• Chilly Chicken
• Kerala Chicken
• Chicken Roast
• Chicken Kuruma
• Butter Chicken
• Chicken Fry
• Chicken Curry
• Chicken masala
• Kadai chicken
• Chettinad Chicken
• Chicken shawarma
• Butter chicken masala
• Manjoorian chicken
• Garlic chicken
• Ginger chicken
• Chicken Lollipop
• Nadan Chicken Curry
• Chicken Drumstick


• Mutton Kuruma
• Mutton Chops
• Mutton stew
• Mutton Fry
• Mutton Curry
• Mutton roast
• Mutton pepper masala
• Mutton Coconut Fry


• Beef Fry with coconut
• Beef and Banana
• Beef Olathu
• Chilly Beef
• Beef Fry
• Beef Curry
• Beef Roast
• Beef stew
• Beef nadan
• Beef pepper masala
• Beef kuruma
• Beef Chops
• Beef Chathachu Varathathu


• Veg Cutlet
• Fish Cutlet
• Macaroni Cutlet
• Beef Cutlet
• Chicken Cutlet
• Prawn Cutlet
• Muttom Cutlet


• Fish
• Mango
• Lemon
• Prawns
• Eethapazham
• Perakka
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Bring Out Your Dreams With Us

Bring Out Your Dreams With Us

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Experience The Wonder Of Taste

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Make Your Event Awesome...